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First Aid Kit
Ironman first aid kit

A first aid kit should be mandatory equipment on any 4WD. Slid it under your seat in case of emergency. Hopefully you'll never need it, chances are you will!

Kit includes:

- 4 non-woven swabs
- 3 adhesive plaster strips
- 3 butterfly band aids
- 1 large band aid
- 3 wet tissues (Soap)
- 3 wet tissues (NaCL)
- 1 pair of scissors
- 1 roll of adhesive tape
- 1 pair of tweezers
- 1 emergency blanket
- 1 roll of elastic bandage
- 1 pair of safety gloves
- 1 triangular bandage
- 6 safety pins
- 1 roll of conforming bandage


First Aid Kit

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