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Ironman Leaf Springs
Leaf spring

A quality Leaf Spring contains two vital elements. a great design and the best raw material money can buy. These are the fundamentals of all Ironman leaf springs.

There are many leaf springs available throughout the world but the features that make the Ironman leaf spring unique are the combination of experience coupled with the determination to supply the best spring in the world.

All Ironman leaf springs provide your 4x4 with increased ground clearance, enhanced stability, load carrying ability and support for accessories such as a bull bar or winch.

Before any spring is released for a new vehicle, prototypes of various designs are made and fitted for intensive field testing. Our engineering staff look for ways of safely improving handling, comfort and control while providing lift.

From the outset, the process involved in making Ironman leaf springs is strictly controlled. The spring steel used in making Ironman leaf springs is strictly controlled. The spring steel used in comes directly to the manufacturing plant complete with chemical and furnace heat certificates.

Ironman leaf springs are formed in computer controlled furnaces to exacting tolerances.

After heat treatment, Ironman leaf springs are shotpeened which doubles spring life. All springs are then fully preset and load tested to meet exacting specifications and eliminate sagging.

The one thing you can be sure of is that every Ironman leaf spring is made the same way so you can expect consistency and quality.


- High quality steel that meets Australia standard AS1447
- Increase leaf thickness & durability for improved handling
- Extra leaves for increase load carrying
- Shot peened for reduced stress and improved durability
- Ironman 3 year / 60,000km Iron Clad Warranty

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