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Cordless Ultralight

cordless ultralight

cordless ultralight

Every now and then we discover a product that is so well designed we just have to add it to our inventory. Such is the case with The Cordless Ultralight – a brilliantly practical light that truly puts its competitors in the shade.

Originally conceived as an inspection lamp for workshops, The Cordless Ultralight has to be a super-practical device for camping and other outdoor activities. The rechargeable LED lamp delivers up to 10 hours of continuous operation and 600 lumens of light output - similar to the performance of a fluorescent tube. The 30 high-intensity LEDs can be expected to be trouble-free for 100,000 hours.

The durable rubber non-slip housing is shock, weather, oil and grease resistant, and the lens is made from shatterproof polycarbonate. The unique shape makes the lamp easy to hold (and store), so it is ideal for 4WD/camping, or for use in workshops and other commercial applications.

Standard features include a NiMH battery with no memory effect (can by charged at any time), integrated weatherproof switch, fold-away metal swivel hook, and a 240V charger that can be wall or desk mounted.

Plus, for an introductory period, we will provide the optional 12 volt charger kit at no extra cost.

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Cordless Ultra Light

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