Ironman 9500lb Sythetic Winch Install

Ironman 9500lb Synthetic Monster Winch

Ironman 9500lb Synthetic Winch Install

A few weeks ago, one of the local S.E.S service vehicles needed a new reliable winch. Their choice? The Ironman Monster winch 9500lb with synthetic rope. 

Ironman 9500lb Synthetic Winch Install

The Ironman Monster winch range includes the following features.

▪ Designed to fit most winch compatible bull bars.
▪ High speed balanced motor with sealed bearings
▪ Repositionable clutch handle
▪ IP68 rated
▪ External remote motor breather
▪ Integrated anti-tamper power cut off
▪ Fully sealed competition style solenoid
▪ All in one wireless/plug in controller with LED torch
A winch damper blanket, as shown in the above photo is also included.

Ironman 9500lb Synthetic Winch Install

(above). This is the control box for the Ironman 9500lb Monster winch. We've sold large quantities of these winches for years now and have almost never had need to make a warranty claim or query. The Ironman Monster winch is a first-class product regardless of price, with some features many other winches just don't have.

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